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"My name is Dusan A. Grante, owner of The Arthur Christine Salon & Academy . I wanted to take this time exclusively to give extreme praise to the Graphic and web services provided by Keadworks.com . Their team and creative director was always both personally upon request and brought my vision to life. I would highly recommend their services for any business in need of innovative media direction. For ever inspired"

“Im overly impressed with the effective, colorful and simple design/layout of my newly designed & developed SUNBOX 1.0 accounting web application. Keadworks pushed our company into the future with this solution for my staff and clients. I was provided top-notch customer service every step of the way through design meetings with my consultant and I will recommend Keadworks to every client I know!”
~ Folasade A, CEO of Suncrest Financials

"The creative team at Keadworks is just the best at what they do. They made their client a number one priority with no room for neglect in any way, and choosing them to work on my website is one of the best marketing decisions that I have ever made. I felt comfortable because they get you involved in every step of the way until all work is done and you are satisfied. This is just the company everyone needs to handle their web project or websites."
- ANU Gospel Artist

“Keadworks provided the most amazing, knowledgeable and effective business consultant I have ever worked with. They were caring, friendly and put their heart and soul into your business. They put together my new online social presence, helped me out with my business management and improved my operation efficiency in the office. They never stop working for you…they make your business their business.”
Dr Alex Naini D.D.S. , Founder of Aesthetic Dental Spa in Vienna VA

"They have helped Becky’s Fund create and maintain a strong online presence, through our website, mobile devices and other social media outlets. Keadworks efforts have helped us engage our audience and new supporters through a grassroots campaign to get people interested in the issue of domestic violence, as well as involved in our organization and events. They help oversee all of Becky’s Fund’s web, mobile and social media marketing and have greatly increased our awareness and expanded our social networks with their innovative promotional concepts, marketing techniques and cutting edge ideas."
- Becky Lee, Founder/Executive Officer of Becky's Fund, Non-profit fighting against Domestic Violence

BMW of Sterling VA

gives BMW bikes to Loudoun County Sheriff's office


for DC, MD and VA residents by Suncrest Financials

Adams Morgan Day Recap

Click this for Photos & Videos from Adams Morgan Day on Sept 8th

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SEPT 21st is the H St NE Festival

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This year, 3 festivals in DC and Virginia, called upon 3 startup companies to increase their attendees and help promote their sponsors.  These festivals got much more than expected.  200,000+ attendees, 2.1million photos, moments and brands shared and 400 local businesses promoted.

The festivals were the Washington DC H Street Northeast festival, Clarendon Day festival in Arlington Virginia and the Adams Morgan Day in Northwest Washington DC.

For the festivals, they made a great decision utilizing local companies instead of outside nationwide marketing and promotion companies to breed a successful turnout.  The 3 companies hired were Kojami, Socialin and Songwriters and Poets.

Kojami, a company that has turned over 1 million events to mobile apps, tranformed all the events to a simple mobile app (it takes only seconds), that allowed users to easily navigate to event, find parking, get urgent alerts, share the event, photos and conversations and see post event recap.  Users also were able to connect with sponsors they were interested in the product or service offered within the app.

Socialin, with almost 3 million followers in their social networks, is the nation’s fastest growing social marketing platform based in Washington DC and continuously managed and broadcasted social messaging relating to the event in real-time.

Songwriters and Poets, with over 500 curated and vetted talented artists, provided quality music performances and productions that maintained a great attendee experience that was affordable for the organizations that managed the festivals.

Adams Morgan Day

With a projected attendance of close to 100,000 locals and tourists on September 8, Adams Morgan Main Street, the organization behind this full day event, will utilize the KOJAMI Mobile events platform to mobilize, guide, reward and assist each attendee through the entire festival.  Users will use the mobile version of the entire festival, created using Kojami, to visit each of the 7 stages to watch the 75 bands playing music ranging from jazz, rock and other genres of music.

“We see this as the best way to provide a futuristic experience to every attendee and expose our community businesses via mobile effectively”  says the Event coordinator.

Please click on the image below or tap using your Mobile Phone to see the event lineup.

Adams Morgan Day

The festival will take place on 18th Street, NW, between Florida Avenue and Columbia Road as well as Belmont Road from noon to 7:00pm.  Nonprofits and local businesses will be along 18th Street and artists mostly from the region will be clustered on Arts on Belmont.

Whether you’re having a BarbeQue, Pool party, Professional conference, Nightlife party, a Meetup group or promoting a Concert, see why using KOJAMI will save you time, earn you increased loyalty and give you important analytics for all types of events – Watch this video and read these 4 reasons:


(Click on images for more detail)

Reason #1

Publish your events in one place and it goes to numerous other platforms

Reason #2

Make your events go viral much faster via web and mobile

Reason #3

Acquire and monitor Real-Time analytics before, during and after all events

Reason #4

Stay connected to your event attendees, contribute and track interaction


Enjoy this 2 minute animated video below

TUM The Urban Marketplace, a company that has brought together the most creative companies and individuals in the Washington DC metro area, is utilizing a mobile and web marketing strategy for their upcoming event on Memorial Day Monday.   In 2011, they successfully connected over 15 small business success stories with hundreds of customers and partners.  Their vision is simple and as a company, they are becoming more creative with every passing event.

Memorial day Monday is a day off work for you to step into their event and view the experience from the very front door until the end of the event.  CLICK HERE to see their event and RSVP

Using a MOBILE PHONE?  Click HERE instead.

See their event invite below and take a journey into an event like never before – before, during and even after the event.  Our staff will be taking a break and attending as well.   We hope to see some of our website readers on Monday May 28, 2012.


Quick Mobile advertising for Small businesses (Mobile Ads)

Small businesses can create mobile ads and benefit greatly too!  Everyone is looking at their phones for tips, tricks, games, social activity and you should try to be on those little screens as well.  Remember that your graphics or text ads must be simple but VERY COMPELLING.  Call to action must be extremely powerful since it is only taking up a smaller space of a smaller screen.

“Dress up what you have [for the holidays],” said Sean Rosenberg, managing director for the U.S. at Grapple Mobile, New York. “Give your current users an updated design to keep them engaged.
“Save new functionality for 2012.”

Try to consult with professional marketers about ways you can integrate simple graphics or text ads into search results, or text campaigns of other nearby businesses operating in your region.  If you are a restaurant, doctor, dentist, clothing store or even a salon, you should look around or ask a professional marketing company for ways you can pay less money to add your campaign message into another businesses text message campaign, mobile app, or mobile email or website campaign.  Some larger small businesses can afford to have mobile apps, mobile website campaigns or mobile text message campaigns and for a cheaper, more effective value, you can get yourself to their audience as well.

A great marketing company or consultant can pair you up with a non-competing business already established in the mobile space that shares the same demographic as a customer base.  Since there may be not much time left to create your own entire mobile marketing campaign for the holidays, collaborative campaigns is key to your holiday mobile strategy as well as building new relationships with new customer bases and businesses alike.

Tips for Building your own Mobile Ads:

  • There is a good number of mobile web banner ad unit sizes (Mobile Marketing Association standards) to ensure compatibility across different mobile devices.  Do some research before designing your ads.  Design at least 5 of those sizes.
  • Keep graphics simple, compelling and remember that less is REALLY MORE in the case of Mobile because you have a smaller space on an already smaller screen
  • Make call-to-action very powerful and with fewer steps to the result expected by the customers, whether it is shopping, setting an appointment or booking a reservation.
  • YOU MUST remember to add the option to close or minimize or hide the ad.  People HATE ads they cannot control.  Be creative with this and it could help you greatly.  Instead of the usual “Close or X” you can do something like a “Sad face pleading don’t click here to close this ad” – It reminds the person to take one last look before closing the ad.   People by default are looking for the X so add some creativity to spark their interest and engage them better.
  • TEST, TEST, TEST all your mobile ads, websites, and campaigns on multiple mobile devices.  This way you are not spending most of the holiday season responding to complaints about your app from its users.

Contact us and let us know what mobile strategies you are using for your small business this holiday season.  And do not forget to take some time off and spend the holidays with your families too!

Happy Holidays from Keadworks!

Recurring revenue comes from customers that LOVE your company and brand.  Advocates!  Every business must strive to create ADVOCATES daily.  We discuss how to use your social networks to easily create this LOVE and passion towards your company and brand.  Make most of your communication mobile compatible as well so they get your communication easily and can SHARE it easily as well.

1.  Where are they?  FIND THEM!

Ask them to rate and rank your company on a scale of 0 to 10.   Customers who answer 9 or 10 are considered advocates.  Reward them for responding with coupons, discounts and unique mentions.  Pay very close attention to the customers that respond below 5 and communicate on the social network why they ranked you very low.  Everyone that sees this communication, sees the transparency of your company and are drawn closer to your company’s integrity and customer service.

2.  Ask them about their FAVORITE MOMENTS & EXPERIENCES

Ask your best customers to write about their best experiences and moments with your product, service, brand or location.  Potential customers that see this can be sucked into trying your product, service or location with curiosity.  These stories when shared, could be viral marketing for your company.

3.  GET Advocates INVOLVED in decisions

Make your best customers get involved and know how much they are involved in decisions you make to treat them better.  They will feel special and this bond goes beyond just buying your products or services, but they will look at your brand as a great part of their everyday lives.

4.  Reward Advocates and make them SHARE these rewards

Giving discounts and offers is not new.  But giving it like a reward for something specific is a new and effective technique to keep your customers loyal to your business.  Let them know why they are being rewarded.  “You have come into our restaurant 25 times this month”  OR “You have commented on our fanpage 10 times this month” are great reasons to reward customers.  This way, they will continue whatever they were rewarded for and this further markets your brand to other networks outside yours.

5.  Provide content that is connected directly to their lives

When your content is connected to their everyday lives, they are more likely to understand and communicate instead of just reading your post and moving on.  Their responses can mean a lot and such communication when seen by their networks, sparks curiousity and could create new customers from their networks.  “How often as a family do you like to eat out?” OR “What are your favorite restaurants in your city?” OR “80% of men surveyed do not visit the doctor annually.  Why do you think men do not like visiting the doctor?”  are questions you can ask to start a conversation.

6.  Create a Brand Defense Army

Have a brand army built (tally people that leave the most comments and Likes and retweets) and whenever anything negative comes up, ask these people to comment on it and their defense will show other customers how much your brand is worth defending.

7.  USE YOUR EMPLOYEES TO promote your brand

Right under your nose are your first line of offense and defense…your own employees.  Use them wisely and get them to distribute content about your company and brand to their own networks and beyond.  Saying “I love working for this company”  makes a customer feel less negative about the customer service they received prior to seeing such a comment.

Let our company show you a few ways to make your customers love your brand like we have done for

Dr Mehrnaz Naini DDS of Aesthetic Dental Spa,

Becky’s Fund,

Mi Rancho Mexican restaurant,

Jamachi Medi Spa and other clients of ours.

Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Veterans day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Day after Christmas are all  holidays that we must prepare for and utilize MOBILE MARKETING TIPS as seen below…

QR codes here…QR Codes there …QR Codes EVERYWHERE!!
Consumers this holidays are going to most likely scan these Tags and QR codes wherever they see them..(even people without smartphones will give it a try).  This is because it is gradually becoming popular and people feel that there are hidden benefits to scanning these codes.
So do just that for the customers.  Give them something new and something refreshing to experience once they scan these codes or tags.  If possible, customize them the best you can so people remember the actual tags or QR codes in relation to the company they are interacting with.
Tell them WHY they should scan and HOW to scan.  Many companies are making a HUGE MISTAKE by not doing this.  They do not realize that according to consumer surveys, customers direct their hatred towards the companies and not the QR codes, whenever they have a negative experience or failed expectations.  Also take advantage and GROW YOUR SOCIAL NETWORKS by giving them the option to follow your networks via mobile for future offers and specials.
“Scan this to join our platinum membership”  OR  “Scan this to WIN a FREE meal”
TIP:  Do not promise them FREE items after scanning and it ends up being a trap for them to just simply view your website on their phones.  This could be detrimental to the relationship with the customer.  If you promise them something FREE, give them something FREE.
The average business is still failing to build their marketing base daily, weekly and monthly.  This should be another priority when using Tags or QR codes for your mobile marketing campaigns.  This way you never really lose!  You always are getting something valuable from the customer.
“Get FREE TagReader App from http://tag.KOJAMI.com
Instructions like this MUST always be around the tags or QR codes so people can easily use their mobile phones and get what they need to scan and experience your offering.

“Give your audience content that will extend the physical space they are scanning from and try to link to mobile formatted content,” said David Javitch, vice president of marketing at Scanbuy, New York. “Conversion rates are always higher when the experience is simple and offers choices for the user.

“Tell people why they should scan,” he said. “This does not have to be a discount or coupon, but any information that will help shoppers make a more informed decision. This could include showing a demo video of how a product works, a list of user reviews of the product, or even just the ability to buy the product in a few clicks.
“Don’t be afraid of shoppers scanning in the store. They are going to do it no matter what, so use QR Codes at the shelf to help provide information that will close the sale. This content could be changed dynamically to show daily or weekly specials that can lead to cross sells or an increased basket size.”

Let us know what you think of this post and your best and worst QR code experiences.

Tonight, the Obama for America Maryland office is promoting a “One Year Out” rally in Silver Spring Maryland at 7pm in Blair High School 51 University Boulevard East,Silver Spring, Maryland 20901.  In their own words…

“Along with a series of local neighborhood events, it’s a campaign rally with Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee. She will join us at Montgomery Blair High School, on OCtober 26th and 7:00PM, and speak about the importance of the President’s American Jobs Act.

Joining her will be several Maryland elected officials, including Gov. Martin O’Malley, Rep. Donna Edwards, Rep. John Sarbanes., Rep. Elijah E. Cummings, Rep. Chris Van Hollen, as well as Maryland Democratic Party Chair Yvette Lewis.

So join us as we show our strength and support for President Obama, one year out from the election!”

They decided to additionally have a mobile strategy to promote this event by using the Kojami application.   CLICK HERE to view their campaign event created for tonight at Blair High School.  We are proud supporters of their campaign efforts and are doing what we can to assist their ongoing success as we approach the Obama Biden 2012 election.

Their goals are to further increase their attendance in their events, spread their messages via mobile and empower people in Maryland to further promote their events and campaign efforts while using mobile smartphones and devices.   We are happy they are using this solution andwould support their campaign efforts however we could.

Use your Mobile phones to scan this barcode below to view and interact with the One Year Out event going on tonight at Blair High School -

51 University Boulevard East
Silver Spring, Maryland 20901-2451
(301) 649-2800
SCAN TAG BELOW to interact with One Year Out event – Get FREE Tag Scanner from http://tag.Kojami.com

Imagine it’s 11pm on Friday night and you are driving through the city with friends trying to decide where to go and what nightlife event to attend. 

You drive by several venues with lines outside and beautiful interior lighting you can view from the street, but you and your friends cannot decide whether or not it is an event everyone would like to attend; an event that suits everyone’s needs. 

You also would hate to risk picking a random event and pay cover, only to realize that it was more

Let’s make conferences interesting again!!

Imagine you’re a young professional traveling out of town to attend a conference for a huge organizational body of which you are a member.  You and a few other members are about to walk out of the hotel and no one happens to have the bulky printed conference brochures provided to every member.   How will you get instant access to information about to your particular conference?

Imagine if you could pull out your mobile device, enter the keyword for the conference, tap or click on the profile result for the conference event and then interact with it as you please. You can instantly use the GPS button to get directions from your geographical location to the venue, sign into the conference before you arrive, grab individual QR Codes representing each member and view the real-time pictures and video of the conference as it occurs.  You could also view nearby attractions and know where and how to find the best parking when you arrive.

Once you arrive, you and the other members do not need to join any lines and can navigate through the conference venue using your mobile devices.

Wouldn’t this change the way conference events are attended?  Imagine how exciting it would be to attend all day conferences.  Imagine fewer fliers, brochures and paperwork to pass out to attendees. Saving time and money, all this information would be accessible via their mobile device throughout the duration of the conference sort through them anytime and from anywhere when they leave.  They could even “Shove” the contact information of such material to social media contacts and/or contacts on their mobile devices.

How do you currently search and find preferred conferences or trade shows in your area?