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"My name is Dusan A. Grante, owner of The Arthur Christine Salon & Academy . I wanted to take this time exclusively to give extreme praise to the Graphic and web services provided by Keadworks.com . Their team and creative director was always both personally upon request and brought my vision to life. I would highly recommend their services for any business in need of innovative media direction. For ever inspired"

“Im overly impressed with the effective, colorful and simple design/layout of my newly designed & developed SUNBOX 1.0 accounting web application. Keadworks pushed our company into the future with this solution for my staff and clients. I was provided top-notch customer service every step of the way through design meetings with my consultant and I will recommend Keadworks to every client I know!”
~ Folasade A, CEO of Suncrest Financials

"The creative team at Keadworks is just the best at what they do. They made their client a number one priority with no room for neglect in any way, and choosing them to work on my website is one of the best marketing decisions that I have ever made. I felt comfortable because they get you involved in every step of the way until all work is done and you are satisfied. This is just the company everyone needs to handle their web project or websites."
- ANU Gospel Artist

“Keadworks provided the most amazing, knowledgeable and effective business consultant I have ever worked with. They were caring, friendly and put their heart and soul into your business. They put together my new online social presence, helped me out with my business management and improved my operation efficiency in the office. They never stop working for you…they make your business their business.”
Dr Alex Naini D.D.S. , Founder of Aesthetic Dental Spa in Vienna VA

"They have helped Becky’s Fund create and maintain a strong online presence, through our website, mobile devices and other social media outlets. Keadworks efforts have helped us engage our audience and new supporters through a grassroots campaign to get people interested in the issue of domestic violence, as well as involved in our organization and events. They help oversee all of Becky’s Fund’s web, mobile and social media marketing and have greatly increased our awareness and expanded our social networks with their innovative promotional concepts, marketing techniques and cutting edge ideas."
- Becky Lee, Founder/Executive Officer of Becky's Fund, Non-profit fighting against Domestic Violence

BMW of Sterling VA

gives BMW bikes to Loudoun County Sheriff's office


for DC, MD and VA residents by Suncrest Financials

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Drink Pepsi...Do Laundry!

Tide loads of Hope and Pepsi Refresh are two great marketing tactics we are very proud of.  With accessibility to millions of dollars for advertising, they decide to stomp decisions like paying over $2 million on 30 seconds of SuperBowl advertising (Pepsi) and decide to pump their advertising budgets into real community involvement and intense social responsibility.

Do laundry with Tide
Tide Loads of Hope went to devastated regions affected by Hurricane Katrina and assisted the people living in very poor conditions to launder thousands of loads of dirty laundry.  Dirty laundry falls right under necessities after food, water and shelter, because clothing is just as important.  They are selling “Tide” imprinted tee-shirts and giving 100% of the profits right back into such initiatives.  Smart?  We say ingenious.  

Wear Tide Tee shirts

$20 for a tee-shirt that will have at least 20 to 100+ people see it being worn is equivalent to paying $20 for a billboard space that will be seen by tens to hundreds.  Now multiply that by the number of total people that will purchase these tee-shirts and you have the most minimal advertising money ever paid by such a huge corporation. 

Any Stain has a quick removal tip

Their Iphone application that assists you to clean almost any type of stain in your everyday life is definitely a great technical approach for their brand as well.  Good job TIDE!

Pepsi Refresh Everything

Pepsi Refresh turned down writing a huge paycheck for 165 million viewers to be reminded about their great beverages and this year has budgeted $20million towards multiple non profit and community assisting initiatives.   How do they select what exact initiatives to support financially? 

Visitors can vote for initiatives to get funded

That’s where the interaction with their direct consumers and fans comes into play.  You could go to their website refresheverything.com and enter, vote or support any known initiative listed or unknown that you know about.  So pepsi spends no money searching for initiatives, many highlight genuine initiatives they care about in their communities, and then Pepsi assists by financially funding these hopes and dreams.  Money very well spent, consumer interaction well executed and of course, who won’t forget that Pepsi built something new in their neighbourhood?  Talkability of their great work will go on for years and that’s the best form of advertising….WORD OF MOUTH!

Lets do good while drinking Pepsi cans
Small businesses should learn from these.  Sometimes with a great heart behind your brand and love for your community, you might never need to spend too much to get your brand noticed and your product or service patronized.  An honest job well done goes much farther than any planned form of advertising in many circumstances.

Did their last Pizza really suck? - Pic courtesy of redherring.com

Did their last Pizza really suck? - Pic courtesy of redherring.com

A Great marketing tactic by Domino’s Pizza. “OUR OLD PIZZA SUCKED, NOW TRY OUR BRAND NEW PIZZA”

Did their old pizza really suck?  What does this do?  Why is this ingenious? 

Watch video below and Learn more about NEW Pizza

Watch video below and Learn more about NEW Pizza

Everyone will obviously want to know the difference between the previous pizza (if we can remember exactly what it tasted like besides a normal pizza) and the so-called NEW Domino’s Pizza. This will drive so much traffic, fueled by curiosity, to the new pizza. Expected Domino’s pizza sales will definitely surge immeasurably and if the new pizza tastes great, it will spark off the most effective marketing weapon on the planet….Word Of Mouth reviews. Domino’s pizzas were probably never as horrible as they make it seem in this video campaign, otherwise Tom Monaghan would not have been successfully selling them for the past 50 years and counting.

Small businesses should learn from this strategy and understand that a sense of “renew” and “refresh” can increase existing customer curiousity and increase brand new customer loyalty. Never forget that the actual “Renewed” product, service or image MUST be a winner otherwise this tactic can actually backfire and give opposite results.

Now let’s all go grab the New and Improved Domino’s pizza and see whether it’s better than the old pizza.

Leave a comment if you have tasted the “new” Domino’s pizza!

Say "Hello" to JABULANI - The Official World Cup ball

Say "Hello" to JABULANI - The Official World Cup ball - Pic courtesy of 3dexport.com

After watching this video, you will have much more respect every single time you kick a soccer ball again.You would have never thought this much was put into the production of each soccer ball.

This is a great marketing tactic as it leaves intense visuals in your head and makes you want to own your very own Fifa Soccer ball. We think they should even sell them for a much higher price. They even gave the ball a personality in form of a name….JABULANI

They definitely have great marketing strategists on their side.

Great marketing Fifa…er we mean ..umm..World Cup folks!!


HeadBlade Inc. actually owns the Trademark for "LOVE HEAD" so be careful how you use those words
HeadBlade Inc. actually owns the Trademark for “LOVE HEAD” so be careful how you use these words

Over 49% of all men in the United States are balding by the age of 30.  This is about 1 in every 2 men that have to shave their heads every morning to make the random scanty growing hair follicles on their scalp look decent.  One of these men is Todd Greene, 42.  Todd was shaving his head in the late 90s and one day got very frustrated by the use of the generic shaving stick. 

Todd greene, Founder of HeadBlade and the man that decided to "Just Do It!" (Not trying to infringe on Nike in any shape or form)

Todd greene, Founder of HeadBlade and the man that decided to "Just Try it and Stop Whining!"

Without an ounce of skill on building another shaving stick to replace this irritating long handled, finger-using tool, he has successfully created a “Shaving Tool” that today is responsible for a multimillion dollar company that employs hundreds, makes him millions each year, ownership of numerous patents, features in tons of major magazine publications, the coolest apparel and a great smooth shiny bald head daily.

HeadBlade is our selected simple business idea due to the fact that many men did complain about the generic shaving blade but only ONE did something about it and today drives a $110,000 HeadBlade customized Lotus to work every day. 

The Head Blade Invention

Do you have to be able to build what makes you successful before you try it?  Todd says more

Click here if you think you are beautiful

Their niche? The gorgeous and Beautiful.  Their business model?  A guarantee you will look through a website and meet a beautiful person, which is a great start and major worry of subcribers in the dating website business. 

If you are ugly, you will get kicked off!  Now isn’t that harsh?  We think it is a great way to get people to talk about them, good or bad (Free and the Best form of Marketing is WOM)  Plus they are honestly satisfying their business model with such a guarantee and guarantees bring more customers.

The Founders probably think they're beautiful people too..You be the Judge!

We think it is a smart idea and great business concept.  But from an emotional standpoint, its kind of unfair to the less physically blessed and slightly overweight to overweight individuals.  Our website focuses on the marketing concept and business model which we think stands out and (hopefully) lasts long for their business as well.

We come up with ideas that make people talk about your business too!  Give us a call today!

Are these scary or simply gross?  Click to find out!

This goes out to the investors that doubt the dreams of young men because we entrepreneurs sometimes come up with the most idiotic, stupendous, random and intensely insane business venture ideas!  It is who we are, we are just looking for people to believe in our dreams that we see and know how to make a reality.

 We highlight these crazy insane-iacs at “BIG NAZO”.  In one sentence, they are a company that makes the ugliest, weirdest, most deformed, scariest and eerie gross-looking monsters that simply entertain people.  How does something ugly entertain people, especially kids? See for yourself…Unbelievable. 





Smart Marketers and business men they are….the opportunities are endless for them.  Great stuff!

We had no choice but to award them the startup company of the year.  Now let’s go and throw up!

Shhhh!…I think BestMorketing Consultants just gave them ideas for further revenue stream…and we could do the same for you!..Give us a call!

Click Here and experience this SMART clothing brand

To promote his urban clothing line, MadSoul, in the year 2000, Marc D’Amelio distributes hip-hop music mixtapes in every store and has the DJs and makers of the mixtapes give shoutouts to his clothing line and website between every song by every new and upcoming artist.   Upcoming artists because they work very hard to promote and market themselves and it costs the clothing line NOTHING.   It created TALKABILITY – The form of making people TALK something wierd about your business that markets you further 

He knew his market, what they loved, and provided to them an extra incentive of what they loved.  This separated him for other clothing lines and not only drove in new customers and fans for his brand, but created further partnerships between him and major artists which took his lcothing line to a greater level …..AT NO EXTRA COST!

The San Diego State University Police Department K-9 Unit

The San Diego State University Police Department K-9 Unit

Suspicious that your teen is doing or selling drugs?

   Yes!  It is a simple business idea, a little strange but simple.  And the shocking news remains…It is making a lucrative amount in annual earnings.

 This ia a Discreet Dog sniffing company that rents dogs to sniff out drugs in your house that your teenager is hiding.  They even offer educational and motivational services for drug using teens.

They are branching off and creating further revenue streams by expanding on a corporate level and renting out to Corporate usinesses as well as training of young professionals that were caught using or hoarding drugs in the workplace (and yes! people have been caught)

Check out their wesite HERE

Oh! and the Dog in the pic is named Nemo, of the San Diego State University Police Department K-9 Unit.  He is NOT ONE OF THE SNIFF DOGS, we just loved and used his picture for this post.  Credit to the Police Department of San Diego.

Shannon Justice of SmartCouponDeals.com


Her name is Shannon Justice.  She got laid off from her job as a Marketing Director and has begun a website business from her misfortune that looks more lie a revolutionary service-based venture.  Every woman will love her and become a frequent visitor within the next year.  SmartCouponDeals.com sends out as emails, Shopping lists showing people where they could save 60 to 90 % on grocery shopping costs.

TRUE MARKETERS ARE LIKE WARRIORS…The worse things get, the wiser we become!   It is always recommended to hire professional Marketing Consultants to guide you through your business ventures because we are always thinking forward and ahead.  But enough about us…back to the story!

If you don’t think this is a GREAT, SMART and Lucrative idea, you’re either Wealthy and don’t need savings of any sort…or you probably cannot read or understand English, so we will repeat this… SmartCouponDeals.com sends out as emails, Shopping lists showing people where they could save 60 to 90 % on grocery shopping costs. There is a monthly subscription fee to be a member of the website but for the meager monthly charge, it is very well worth the membership to see so many emails with tons of savings on necessities!

Her lay-off might be her destiny to begin such a revolutionary idea to use this service and bring money-savers (everyone!) together to one place to save on the most important product in the world…GROCERIES!

Now that’s a SMART, bold business venture!  We predict this will become HUGE in 2010

Join their Facebook Fanpage “SmartCouponDeals.com” Today


Virgin Voyage



In 1987, to promote his brand new airline with so much amenities never-before-seen in any airplane, Richard Branson crosses the Atlantic in a HOT AIR BALLOON.


VIRGIN Balloon crossing the ATLANTICballoon