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"My name is Dusan A. Grante, owner of The Arthur Christine Salon & Academy . I wanted to take this time exclusively to give extreme praise to the Graphic and web services provided by Keadworks.com . Their team and creative director was always both personally upon request and brought my vision to life. I would highly recommend their services for any business in need of innovative media direction. For ever inspired"

“Im overly impressed with the effective, colorful and simple design/layout of my newly designed & developed SUNBOX 1.0 accounting web application. Keadworks pushed our company into the future with this solution for my staff and clients. I was provided top-notch customer service every step of the way through design meetings with my consultant and I will recommend Keadworks to every client I know!”
~ Folasade A, CEO of Suncrest Financials

"The creative team at Keadworks is just the best at what they do. They made their client a number one priority with no room for neglect in any way, and choosing them to work on my website is one of the best marketing decisions that I have ever made. I felt comfortable because they get you involved in every step of the way until all work is done and you are satisfied. This is just the company everyone needs to handle their web project or websites."
- ANU Gospel Artist

“Keadworks provided the most amazing, knowledgeable and effective business consultant I have ever worked with. They were caring, friendly and put their heart and soul into your business. They put together my new online social presence, helped me out with my business management and improved my operation efficiency in the office. They never stop working for you…they make your business their business.”
Dr Alex Naini D.D.S. , Founder of Aesthetic Dental Spa in Vienna VA

"They have helped Becky’s Fund create and maintain a strong online presence, through our website, mobile devices and other social media outlets. Keadworks efforts have helped us engage our audience and new supporters through a grassroots campaign to get people interested in the issue of domestic violence, as well as involved in our organization and events. They help oversee all of Becky’s Fund’s web, mobile and social media marketing and have greatly increased our awareness and expanded our social networks with their innovative promotional concepts, marketing techniques and cutting edge ideas."
- Becky Lee, Founder/Executive Officer of Becky's Fund, Non-profit fighting against Domestic Violence

BMW of Sterling VA

gives BMW bikes to Loudoun County Sheriff's office


for DC, MD and VA residents by Suncrest Financials

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MIO Conference Communications







Location:  London UK         Client Tenure - May 2013 until present

Our Challenge (1) Renew their brand identity to please young startups and large corporations alike (2) Re-introduce their brand and convince potential or new customers to trust this new brand identity.

Strategy – We accomplished this by designing and developing a brand new logo that fit the Mission and Vision of the company.  After fully understanding the company’s plans of technological advancement for the next decade, we edited their mission and vision stated on their previous website, then integrated the future products and services into this logo.  A brand new website with a simpler navigation, engaging visuals and soothing look and feel, was the direction by our creative team.  We then designed an ad campaign around their unique benefits of “Dial once…Call Many” instant conference dialing to lure paying customers in all 3 continents.  We implemented a worldwide email and text message marketing campaign to our networks in the United Kingdom, United States and parts of Africa.

FUN FACT:  This company was founded by a young man that kept spending too much money connecting with all his family members and friends.

BMW of Sterling Virginia

Location:  Sterling VA   Client Tenure - February 2012 until present

Our Challenge (1) increase 25 – 40 year old customers in metro area, (2) reduce online negative reputation on review websbsites.  Our team was also responsible for enhancing the traffic to the wesite blog.  90 percent of the traffic was coming from outside the state and country.  The client wanted more traffic from the immediate area.

Strategy – We accomplished this by designing and developing a web 2.0 plan that was going to rejuvenate the Passion for the BMW and MINI cars (#RediscoverYourPassion).  We redesigned their twitter and youtube backgrounds and placed on their social networks.  This brought a new warm feel from the brand to the customers.  Enhanced conversations, driving tips and service tips were provided to keep readers, which were mostly BMW/MINI lovers or drivers, coming back for more weekly.  These conversations were deployed using the rejuvenated blog, email marketing and their social networks.

FUN FACT:  This car dealership always looks like a fashion show runway with most of the sales staff and management dressing up with tailored suits and high end shoes.


MINI of Sterling Virginia

Location: Sterling VA

Client Tenure – February 2012 until present

Our Challenge (1) increase 25 – 40 year old customers in metro area, (2) reduce online negative reputation on review websbsites.  Our team was also responsible for ehancing the traffic to the wesite blog, because 90 percent of the traffic was coming from outside the state and country.  The client wanted more traffic from the immediate area.

Strategy – We accomplished this by designing and developing a web 2.0 plan that was going to rejuvenate the Passion for the MINI cars (#RediscoverYourPassion).  We redesigned their twitter and youtube backgrounds and placed on their social networks.  This brought a new warm feel from the brand to the customers.  Enhanced conversations, driving tips and service tips were provided to keep readers, which mostly were MINI lovers or drivers, coming back for more weekly.  These conversations were deployed using the rejuvenated blog, email marketing and their social networks.

FUN FACT:  This car dealership has a MINI team of 6 ranging from 20years old to 60 years old and together they speak up to 17 different languages.


Becky’s Fund

Washington DC

Accomplishments - Brand NEW Website design/maintenance | Facebook, Youtube & Twitter marketing | Twitter and Youtube background design | Mobile Events application | Events Promotion/Strategy and Photography | Viral video concepts and production - The “Beautiful” video

Client Tenure – Spring 2009 until present

Our Challenge was to increase the awareness of the organization within the Washington DC metro area and get more people interested in interacting and supporting the initiative of fighting against Domestic and Dating Violence.  With multiple organizations fighting for the same cause and not yet relevant or popular due to the ignored subject, we had to create unique campaigns to excel against this barrier of entry.  We also had to engage, interact and educate the age group between 17 & 21 years old.

Strategy – We accomplished this by educating people through creative online and mobile campaigns.  These campaigns showed facts or news of domestic violence and broadcasted events in real-time through social networks, the organizational website and a customized mobile application.   Such cutting edge best practices and strategies have since resulted in different successes.  On social networks, we created separate campaigns for Becky’s Fund followers.  One system for ages 17-22 (Becky’s Fund EDU) and another for ages 25-55yrs old (Becky’s Fund).

It has grown the organization’s following into the thousands, event attendance increased exponentially and very high interactivity between people and the social networks, website and mobile application.  Read more to see how we successfully used mobile and social marketing to cut their costs and effectively build advocates and volunteers to help grow the organization to its current level.  Another great achievement is creating more opportunities for the organization to seek financial support and sponsorship.  Companies and brands have new avenues through the mobile and web interaction by sponsoring auto-response messaging, mobile application loading screens and ad promotional space on mobile campaigns pushed to smartphone users.

FUN FACT:  Becky’s Fund has engaged online fans and generated views breaking well into the millions.  No other Domestic Violence non profit in the region has accomplished this successfully using digital marketing or such a guerilla marketing approach.  Becky Lee sometimes…works out twice a day!



Mi Rancho Mexican Restaurants

Rockville, Germantown & Silver Spring,  Maryland

Industry: Restaurants/Hospitality

Location: Rockville, Germantown, Silver Spring MD

Client Tenure – Summer 2011 until present

Our Challenge was to increase the awareness of the restaurant’s location to the fast growing innovative generation of people between the ages of 23 and 40 living in the Silver Spring, Rockville and Germantown cities.  We also had to introduce current customers to new web and mobile marketing platforms being used.  Many frequent customers were much older and the restaurant owner needed to enhance their appeal to the much younger crowd for the future of the restaurant.

Strategy – The website has a genuine Mexican feel to it as its music plays and the graphics of spices and everything Mexican moves through the website.  We research interesting facts about Mexican and Tex-Mex food and share to hundreds of people on social networks we set up for the restaurant as well as ours.   Every month we run campaigns using our EVENTS/DEALS mobile app called KOJAMI – giveaways to motivate people to visit the restaurant, then reward customers that interacted with the social networks.  And to finally grow their email/mobile network as fans/followers sign up via web or mobile.  This strategy combines the use of mobile, social and web marketing for one goal of increasing the signed up marketing network or walk-ins to the restaurant.

        Follow Mi Rancho history, deals and specials on Twitter

Angie Goff of NBC 4

Washington DC

Industry – TV Host for NBC Channel 4

Accomplishments - Logo, Branding & Website design/maintenance | Facebook, Twitter & Youtube marketing/consulting

Client Tenure – Fall 2009 until present

Our Challenge was to create a brand new online location for people to visit and retain their advocacy to her colorful personality.  A personality she maintained on air with WUSA 9, her previous employer.  To solve this, we had to take important steps to study her on air show segment, the fanbase and Angie Goff herself, before beginning the design.  We also had to provide an engaging, easy accessible marketing platform to increase her online fans and update them with show segments they miss on air.

Strategy – We accomplished this by designing a website blog and mobile website from scratch and paid attention to detail regarding multiple elements like her favorite colors, aesthetic appeal, personal branding, ease of use and navigation.  Today Angie Goff’s website is one of the most visited websites among TV hosts around the entire country.  We help her with ongoing social network strategy to retain and sustain her fans/followers then turn them to loyalists of her brand. These strategies have proven successful to her increasing social network community.

FUN FACT:  Our design team had Angie sign on a napkin during a meeting at a Panera Bread location, and then we superimposed the image onto her WUSA9 website as her graphic signature in the website header.  We still have the image of this napkin in our records.

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dusan grante

Vienna, Virginia

Accomplishments - Logo & Brand design | Website design/maintenance | Mobile Events application

Client Tenure – Feb 2012 until present

Our Challenge was to Design and implement a unique system for dusan grante (prefers the D & G in lower case) to connect and consult with clients and fans in real-time via web and mobile.  He did not want a full website yet, but wnated an online presence that could work for him.

Strategy – We accomplished this by designing and developing an online system for people to easily access via web with a PC or mobile with their smartphones, and contact dusan grante.  Clients, customers or fans could take photos with their computer webcams, or mobile phones and instantly send them to dusan grante for a consultation response through this online platform.  dusan grante then responds to them through this web and mobile system wherever he is located using his personal mobile device.

FUN FACT:  dusan grante has styled the heads of prominent people worldwide, including the sister of the President of the United States.

    dusan grante on Facebook    Follow dusan grante on Twitter


JAY SPINKS “12″ Videographer/Photographer

Location: Ashburn VA

Client Tenure - February 2014 until present

Our Challenge Design an online presence for the decade long videographer and photographer to display his work and engage his audience of all types in a very different approach compared to the competition.

Strategy – We developed a “12″ brand surrounding JAY SPINKS and assisted with creating a brand new logo fitting his drawing persona, and a story describing why the number 12 is his favorite number.  The number “12″ has a lot to do with his history and family values as well.  Visit his website to read more.

FUN FACT:   Jay Spinks is a real painting artist.  He painted his logo for our creative team to replicate.  This is why we selected the font closest to his painting.


Sitayali Wellness

Vienna, Virginia

Click to view Interactive websiteAccomplishments - Logo & Brand design | Website design/development | Email Marketing | Social Network marketing on Facebook & Twitter

Client Tenure – September 2011 – February 2012

Our Challenge was to enhance and strengthen a struggling brand with simplicity and aesthetic appeal relating to its core offering – Health and Weight loss coaching.

Strategy – We accomplished this by designing and developing an interactive website for Sitayali Weinmann, the owner and CEO, to introduce healthy recipes, health tips and events.  This website is also an avenue for health coaches and people in need of weight loss coaching worldwide to communicate and contact Sitayali for different requests and inquiries, or questions and comments.

         Follow Sitayali Wellness on Twitter

Fred Smoot’s Smack Energy Bar

Great Falls, Virginia

Industry – Consumer products/ Celebrity Endorsement

Accomplishments – Logo, Branding & Website design/maintenance | Viral Campaign/PR strategy | Facebook & Youtube marketing | Youtube background design | Events Promotion/Strategy and Photography

Client Tenure – Fall 2007 until January 2008

Our Challenge was to introduce brand new energy products in an already populated market with almost 33 competitors. Our focus region was the Washington DC metro area.

Strategy – Our creative team designed a captivating website blog to post news and events content of Fred Smoot and the energy bar campaigns. Social networks were setup and maintained to share video, photo and other viral content conceptualized by the core marketing strategy team. We then finally got the product featured on NBC4 sports segment through a viral campaign strategy.

FUN FACT: Fred Smoot was so cooperative that he once hosted entire marketing team in his house to simply relax and not do any work for a change. Founders did not know Fred Smoot’s name and who he was, but he agreed to endorse the product and build the brand together. He attended 1st meeting the very next day with his Rolls Royce.


Jamachi Medi Spa & Plastic Surgery

Silver Spring, Maryland

Industry: Spa / Beauty /Health

Accomplishments - Website design/maintenance | Content Management & Distribution | Facebook & Twitter marketing | Mobile Specials application | Events Promotion/Strategy and Professional Photography

Client Tenure – Spring 2009 until July 2012

Our Challenge was to increase the awareness of the spa’s location and services to the Washington DC area and surrounding metro areas beyond Silver Spring Maryland.

Strategy – We accomplished this by creating and growing a marketing base online through their walk-ins, website subscribers, email recipients and social networks.  We created a trusted connection between their staff/specialists and this audience by providing health, grooming and relaxation content as a resource that brought back these visitors frequently.  You can visit their website and read health tips, tricks and news anytime.

FUN FACT:  Jamachi Spa’s owner, Dr Onyewu MD is such a kind hearted, people person that you would never guess that he is a doctor.  Many are surprised when they find out.

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U-Drive by NAMAD

(National Association of Minority Automobile Dealers)

Industry: Automobile

Accomplishments - Website design/maintenance | Facebook & Twitter marketing | Mobile Events application | Events Promotion/Strategy

Client Tenure – Summer 2012 until present

Our Challenge is to increase the awareness of the NAMAD organization and bring more awareness to the automobile industry and its successful entrepreneurs.  The goal is to get more people interested in this industry and the NAMAD organization for the purpose of education, increased nationwide employment and career opportunities.

Strategy – We accomplished this by designing a brand for the initiative and called it U-Drive.  We then designed and developed an interactive website that connects entrepreneurs, investors, students and small business owners to educate, inspire and reveal career/employment opportunities.

FUN FACT:  NAMAD has an annual conference that you might not want to miss next year if you are a small business owner, investor or simply love cars.

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Dr Alex Naini DDS & Aesthetic Dental Spa

Tysons Corner Virginia

Dr Alex Naini DDS Aesthetic Dental Spa Tyson's Corner VirginiaIndustry: Restaurants/Hospitality

Accomplishments - Web SEO consulting | Facebook, Youtube & Twitter marketing | Mobile Specials & Events application | Events Promotion/Strategy| Video Production

Client Tenure – Spring 2009 until present

Our Challenge was to increase the awareness of Dr Alex Naini DDS beyond her normal Tyson Corner VA area.  She also had a huge problem with retaining staff and customers as they visited.

Strategy – We achieved this by setting up strong online presences on social networks that pushed out engaging content to the average joe.  Everyone is her potential customer as long as you could drive to her location.  Her patient walk ins increased and had a better customer service experience due to a 6 week training exercise with her staff on “How to market themselves starting from their customer service activities”.

FUN FACT:  Dr Alex Naini DDS loves life, has a great family and has so much fun while being a dentist, that you would never guess she even has anything to do with the medical field.  And she started the very 1st Dental Spa in the Washington DC metro area too!

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Maryland Allergy & Asthma Center

Click here to visit MDAAC website

Lanham Maryland

Industry: Medical

Accomplishments - Website design/development | Search Engine Optimization | Professional photography | Social networks marketing | Email Marketing

Client Tenure - Spring 2009 until present

Our Challenge and Accomplishment was to design and develop a website presence that fitted the aesthetics of the beautiful location.  We accomplished this by maintaining consistency in the color scheme and interactive features like the simple appointment form.  We assisted them with a jump-start into social networks marketing and increased their online and walk-in traffic through strategic email marketing.

Click here to visit MDAAC website