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"My name is Dusan A. Grante, owner of The Arthur Christine Salon & Academy . I wanted to take this time exclusively to give extreme praise to the Graphic and web services provided by Keadworks.com . Their team and creative director was always both personally upon request and brought my vision to life. I would highly recommend their services for any business in need of innovative media direction. For ever inspired"

“Im overly impressed with the effective, colorful and simple design/layout of my newly designed & developed SUNBOX 1.0 accounting web application. Keadworks pushed our company into the future with this solution for my staff and clients. I was provided top-notch customer service every step of the way through design meetings with my consultant and I will recommend Keadworks to every client I know!”
~ Folasade A, CEO of Suncrest Financials

"The creative team at Keadworks is just the best at what they do. They made their client a number one priority with no room for neglect in any way, and choosing them to work on my website is one of the best marketing decisions that I have ever made. I felt comfortable because they get you involved in every step of the way until all work is done and you are satisfied. This is just the company everyone needs to handle their web project or websites."
- ANU Gospel Artist

“Keadworks provided the most amazing, knowledgeable and effective business consultant I have ever worked with. They were caring, friendly and put their heart and soul into your business. They put together my new online social presence, helped me out with my business management and improved my operation efficiency in the office. They never stop working for you…they make your business their business.”
Dr Alex Naini D.D.S. , Founder of Aesthetic Dental Spa in Vienna VA

"They have helped Becky’s Fund create and maintain a strong online presence, through our website, mobile devices and other social media outlets. Keadworks efforts have helped us engage our audience and new supporters through a grassroots campaign to get people interested in the issue of domestic violence, as well as involved in our organization and events. They help oversee all of Becky’s Fund’s web, mobile and social media marketing and have greatly increased our awareness and expanded our social networks with their innovative promotional concepts, marketing techniques and cutting edge ideas."
- Becky Lee, Founder/Executive Officer of Becky's Fund, Non-profit fighting against Domestic Violence

BMW of Sterling VA

gives BMW bikes to Loudoun County Sheriff's office


for DC, MD and VA residents by Suncrest Financials

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Probing the unconscious mind of the consumer has tremendous value beyond advertising. For example, learning that a communications device or even a personal care product invokes deep thoughts and feelings about social bonding can be very helpful to R&D experts. In the case of a communications device, this suggests that tactile experiences of social bonding be “engineered in” through the design of how the product is gripped in the hand and in the choice of finish in the device’s housing material. In the case of a personal care product, colors and scents known to be evocative of social bonding experiences can be used. In both cases, the basic idea of connection is central to the product’s value proposition and becomes a more profound basis for developing marketing strategy than, say, technical superiority or long-lasting benefits. While the latter attributes are important, it is because they serve the deeper needs of connection or social bonding.

For more, read about Marketing to the Subconscious Mind and understand how the subconscious works.

When you have passion….you have everything.  You really want to see the 1 minute video on the website of this artist named JAY SPINKS.

Now that sounds amazing!  Almost 1,000 drivers have signed up to win $1000 from the new MINI PREMIUM OUTLET located in Sterling Virginia.  The MINI OUTLET has guaranteed lowest prices of brand new and pre-owned car inventory so visit them this weekend and see what car fits you.

This giveaway, as informed by the General Manager, has a mission to make drivers in the local region become more passionate about whatever car they drive.  WINNERS will be announced on April 26th, 2014.  People have been submitting entries through the Website, Facebook and Twitter accounts.


Send a photo of you and your car (car doesn’t have to be a MINI brand) to WinMINI@MINIpremiumOUTLET.com


Visit HERE and follow the short 3 steps to WIN

Shannon Sanchez is humbly living her dream with the newly designed and developed company Celebrations By Shannon Sanchez.  With her astounding experience with the military and US government, she has merged discipline and determination with creativity and design.

Her company designs and implements the most creative themes around different types of events.  Click image below or call her office using the number on the graphic.  If you can impress the military officials, you can impress anyone.

Here is what the Air National Guard Chaplain had to say about her diligence and dedication.

“I’ve done a fair share of weddings and I need to tell you how impressed I was with Ms. Sanchez. Her organizational skills, ability to work with people, and sense of dedication was quite remarkable. Her professionalism strongly contributed to the smooth flow of the day for the bride and groom, family, guests, and myself.” - Chaplain, Air National Guard



MIO me! …will soon become a term many will use on 3 continents.  This company has grown very quickly in under 5 years and is proving to save many international callers thousands of dollars annually.  Originally from the United Kingdom, within the city of London, this company started up with a mission to connect many with their loved ones quicker, simpler and for less.  High tech features include one-touch conference dialing to as many as 100 business or personal contacts at the same time, by just dialing one number.  They also have their products and solutions available on most mobile devices.  Imagine calling one number or on speed dial and all the phones of your team members around the world start ringing.  Brilliant!

Take a look at their NEW WEBSITE and maybe one day, you might ask family, friends or colleagues internationally…”Mio me!”

Millennials are the generation born beginning in 1980

  • How much more time do Millennials spend online and on mobile than their older counterparts?
  • How many Millennials own a smartphone? Do they prefer Android or iPhones?
  • Do Millennials still use Facebook? Which other social networks do they engage with?
  • How do Millennials prefer to watch TV compared to other age segments? What about their behavior makes them harder to reach with TV ads?
  • Why should marketers focus on digital platforms for advertising to Millennials?

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Her name is Mrs SADE. With a successful firm based in Maryland, she has helped thousands of people and businesses progress from just making hundreds to hundreds of thousands or more.  Follow her on Twitter and LIKE her Facebook Fanpage HERE for Weekly financial and accounting tips.  Call her as well and you would learn something guaranteed!

Not only is this the FIRST CAR OUTLET in the Washington DC region, but they are also opening by giving away $1000 in cash.  NO gimmicks, just a reward to the best PHOTO SUBMISSION on this website www.MINIpremiumOUTLET.com


His name is Mike DeGraba. Her name is Stacey Manly.  He was her teacher 40 years ago and they hadn’t seen each other since.  As fate would have it, they both became fans on the same facebook fanpage.  After being fans of the same page for over 2 years, a campaign to WIN 2 FREE MEALS made them winners due to the votes of over 700 fans, and for the first time in 40 years, they reconnected.  ”Social media efforts can do much more than sell a burrito or cheese enchilada.  It can plant happiness in ways you cannot imagine.” ~Tony Alvarez, manager of the Mi Rancho Mexican restaurant location in Rockville.  LIKE their Fanpage HERE

Attention small business owners!!  IT IS TIME TO CHANGE THINGS UP!  Besides the billion dollar budgets, why do you think major corporations are much more successful in advertising campaigns than you?  Answer: They are NOT!

You can achieve much more success since you have a smaller, sometimes more niche segment to target.  You can spend little or a lot depending on your budget, but there is ONE CAPITAL SIN you keep committing:

Setting your expectations HIGHER than what you put into your advertising campaigns.

Some individuals, brands, non profits and even startups have been lucky to create successful viral videos, meet lucrative investors or created the perfect marketing partnerships.  For those that haven’t pace yourself out.  What you put in is most likely what you “might” get…in other instances, you could be lucky unless you hire professional Advertising Strategists.

Do not expect to make $10,000 per month if you are only investing $100 in google adwords and hiring an intern for $150 per month to post interesting things on Facebook or twitter.  This is almost IMPOSSIBLE (almost because you could strike some luck seldomly with someone of interest)


  1. MONTHLY GOAL – Put down a figure you want to set as your revenue goal per month.  Then divide this financial goal by your unit price or average price to calculate the amount of people you need to “PAY” you.
  2. CONTACT (People PAYING you MULTIPLIED BY10) – If you are supposed to have 100 people pay you to reach your target revenue number, call or email 10 times that number.  (Remember calling or sending an email will “turn over” depending on the email design/copy or the skill of the phone caller)
  3. FOLLOW UP with EVERYONE CONTACTED – Send follow up emails to the people tat opened the previous email OR THANK everyone you called with a voicemail or text message (text messages are now cheaper to send to leads)
  4. INVEST IN REACHING MORE and INVEST IN MONITORING your Efforts – Pay what it costs to reach the amount of people you want to target and pay someone or a company to monitor and get you a monthly report on this.

Don’t Fail to master these golden rues.  Otherwise, with technology growing so fast, your competitors down the road and in the next city…..will make you extinct.  It could end up like the ICE AGE story.

CALL US for more advice on this topic – 240-599-9525 and ask for Ike (Mike without the “M”)